Tuesday 18 November 2014, Brussels

"There is no real ending. It's just the place where you stop the story" — Frank Herbert

More than 500 people attended DI-Day 2014 on November 18 in Brussels. We believe they had fun and were inspired by the brilliant presentations of our keynote speakers. We know we were!

A big-shout out to data genius Sean Gourley, visionary innovation ‘pirate’ Peter Hinssen, social marketing pioneer Simon Mainwaring, energetic biz education rockstar Eddie Obeng & the ever prophetic “heartketing” wizard Steven Van Belleghem. Thank you for blowing our minds!

DI-Day 2014 Presentations

When Digital Becomes Human

Steven Van Belleghem

Mass Disruption: The Future of Social Storytelling

Simon Mainwaring

Evolve, Dominate or Die

Eddie Obeng

The Network Always Wins

Peter Hinssen

Big Data: An Augmented Intelligence For Strategic Decision Making

Sean Gourley