Connected Visions is a group of thought leaders and friends who inspire, challenge and motivate each other. Individually or as a group, they engage with clients to bring game changing perspectives on business, communication, talent and technology.

Jamie Anderson
Jamie Anderson “What do you call an Australian management guru? A Kan-guru of course. Welcome to the world of stand-up strategy, where business theory can actually make people laugh.”
Peter Hinssen
Peter Hinssen “Businesses need to reinvent themselves to create new interactive business models. Technology is no longer an enabler. It has become a game-changer.”
Jef Staes
Jef Staes “For people without passion and talent, information has no value.”
Steven Van Belleghem
Steven Van Belleghem “Word-of-Mouth is the driver of business growth, but most companies have loads of 'unused conversation potential'."